Taekwondo Etiquette

taekwondo-etiquetteStudents must adhere to the organisation rules in order to maintain a high standard of etiquette and discipline.

  • Entering and leaving the Dojang (training area)
    • Upon Entering
      • Face the training area and stand to attention
      • Bow
      • Face the instructor (or the position the instructor usually stands)
      • Bow
    • Leaving During Practice
      • Ask the instructors permission to leave
      • Upon leaving the Dojang bow to the instructor and the training area
      • On re-entry to the Dojang bow to the training area and the instructor
      • Ask the instructors permission to rejoin the class
    • Leaving At the End of Practice
      • Follow the same procedure as entering the Dojang
  • When Practising With A Partner
    • Before commencing practice face each other, stand to attention and bow
    • Repeat when practice has finished
  • Respect To The Instructor
    • When speaking to the Instructor (Sa bumnim) you should first bring your feet together (attention stance) and raise your hand. After you have spoken to your instructor you should stand to attention and bow. Instructors have equal respect for students (they were Kup grades themselves once).