Welcome to the Traditional Taekwondo Association Derby

TTA Derby is a WTF Taekwondo Club. We have three instructors and are part of the Traditional Taekwondo Association. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and an Olympic sport. The TTA aims to enable students to focus and concentrate their mind on the varying tasks and obstacles that Taekwondo presents as well as attaining the indomitable spirit to overcome them.

The TTA encourages students to develop their self-discipline and focus. As well as personal development, there are opportunities to take your training to the highest level should you wish to. TTA students compete at international competitions.

The Traditional Taekwondo Association was set up by Grandmaster T.K. Loh in 1989 in order to spread Taekwondo the way it was originally intended as a holistic concept of training the mind and body. The TTA looks to provide its students with an understanding of the capability of the human mind and body, and aims to instil the ideas of mental strength and a persevering spirit.